Christmas Bow
Learn to make a bow like a pro!

Do you wish you could make a Christmas bow like you see in all the decorating stores? Well, you can! A beautifully crafted bow really does make all the different when decorating for the holidays.

Whether you're making bows for decorating a wreath, packages, mailboxes, or decorating a Christmas tree, just follow the easy steps below and your on your way to fun holiday decorating!

Remember to buy your ribbon early in the season. I find that it is all picked over weeks before Christmas! Shop early!

Making a simple Four Looped Bow

I am a huge fan of wired ribbon. First, it is easy to work with, and second, it stores year after year. If it gets a little smooshed, you just re-shape it!

1. Cut a piece of the checkered burlap ribbon about 7" to 8". Next, cut the ribbon in half. You will use this for the middle knot.

2.Make your first loop, leaving excess ribbon for the tail.

3. Next, make another loop opposite of your first loop and hold tightly in the middle. You want to make sure your loops are all the same size. Make a total of four loops, two on each side.

4. Using the scrap ribbon you cut, tie the middle of your bow very tightly. You will use the excess to attach your bow.

Mesh Ribbon

Although mesh ribbon isn't wired, it is an easy ribbon to work with.

The key to making a beautiful bow, is keeping all your loops the same size. Your first loop is your pattern. Decide how large you would like to have your bow, and make your first loop like pictured.

Gather your second loop on the opposite side of your first. Keep the gather in the middle very tight.

Mesh ribbon is makes very full ribbons. Two loops on each side is all your need.

Simply tie your mesh bow in the middle very tight.

The tighter you can get the middle of your bow, the better!

Next, following the same steps above, to make your smaller, contrasting ribbon. When you cut a strip of ribbon for tying in the middle, cut this piece longer. You want enough left over to be able to tie them both together and still have enough slack to attach it to the wreath.
Wasn't that easy?

For more whimsy Christmas bow, add Christmas ball ornaments, and glittery sprigs! This especially looks great if you're using the bows for your decorated Christmas trees!

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