How to Make a Gorgeous
Christmas Wreath!

Nothing says "welcome" like a beautiful artificial Christmas wreath on your front door! Custom-made wreaths can be expensive. You can make your own wreath at a fraction of the cost! A wreath is a great Christmas door decoration.

TIP:To save even more money, watch for sales at craft stores! Buy double, and make one as a gift for someone special!

christmas wreath

Supplies Needed:

Hot glue gun ( every crafters necessity)
Christmas wreath
Christmas ribbon
Complimentary second ribbon
Shatter-proof ornaments
Christmas greenery & glitter items
Wire cutters

Once you have all your supplies and your hot glue gun is ready to go, it really doesn't take a long time to put a beautiful wreath together. Christmas wreath decorating is all about using a little creativity, or being really good at copying other's great ideas.

When choosing your ribbon, it is best to buy wired-ribbon. That way your ribbon can be re-shaped after being stored year-after-year.

christmas balls

When it comes to decorating a wreath, you want to start with your larger ornaments. Next, you want to glue the smaller ornaments next to the larger ones.

Christmas wreath decorating

This is an ornament pick I found at the craft store. I cut each individual berry off and glued them around the balls. Then I cut the glittery leaves off, and glued them where they were sitting just under the ornaments.

christmas wreath

It only took three of these picks to decorate the whole wreath. Just cut small pieces off and hot glue them around your ornaments.

christmas wreath decorating

See how nice it all comes together!

christmas wreath

Both of the ribbons I used to make this wreath really complimented each other. The silver ribbon has beautiful glitter dots that accented well with the burgundy striped ribbon.

christmas wreath

Add the larger ribbon to the wreath first. Loop the ribbon evenly around the wreath. I like to use one of the wired branches to anchor the ribbon down, just twist it around the ribbon to hold it in place.

christmas wreath

Repeat the same process with your second ribbon.

christmas wreath

christmas wreath

To make your bow, gather three loops on each side, and then tie the middle tightly. Cut a piece of ribbon about 12" long. Then cut down the middle of the ribbon in order to use it to tie your bow. Pull each loop out and "fluff". Tie your ribbon onto the wreath.

christmas wreath

I just love birds! And, I usually have them in all of my decorating projects. This wreath was no exception. I glued them into the middle of the ribbon, and then used a little of the silver fern around them. Too cute!

Visit this page for easy step by step instructions for making a Christmas bow.

christmas wreath

Nothing says "Merry Christmas"
like a gorgeous wreath to greet you at the door!

Find lots of free creative Christmas craft projects, ideas, patterns, freebies, recipes, etc... for many holiday hours of fun!

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