Learn to be
Clutter Free and Organized!

Clutter free and organized, does that sound like a dream? Do you feel like you don't even know where to begin learning how to organize clutter? Well, Lisa Zane, a organizing expert is offering some advice on organizing your space.

Clutter can overcome your life, zap your energy, and fill you with negative thoughts. Getting rid of clutter is therapeutic! It makes you feel free.

"Never underestimate the effect of clutter
on your life."--Karen Kingston

Getting clutter free and organized takes one day at time. Start out with a simple organizing project, and reward yourself when you complete it!

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

So, below is some great advice from Lisa, on how to quit being a "clutter bug".

Decorate to reduce clutter

Decorating is usually approached from a purely aesthetic standpoint. How does the space look now, and how can I decorate to make it look better? At times you also get the bonus of extra storage or something similar, but for the most part decoration is less utilitarian and more beautification. You don’t have to approach decorating this way, however. If you have a clutter problem and want to decorate as a solution, keep reading!

Decorate the flat spaces

If you have a clutter problem then there’s a good chance a good chunk of it can be found on tabletops, countertops, and everywhere else with some flat space. It just seems right to toss whatever random stuff in these spaces until you can deal with it. Unfortunately, many times we never get to the part where we do something about it and the clutter piles up. You can solve this solution by adding accents to the flat spaces that will discourage your bad habit. If you have a nice centerpiece on the table, or some decorative pieces on another flat surface, you’re going to be less likely to muddy up the aesthetics with extra stuff. If you have empty flat spaces, liven them up with some accessories and get double the bonus for your decorating effort.

Make decorative storage

Clutter can also be attributed to a lack of proper storage. You can become clutter free and organized and solve this type of clutter problem by incorporating creative storage into your decorations. Do you have space under your staircase? That’s the perfect place to add some recessed shelves for books or other displays, and it will look great. You can add a visually stunning cubby system to the wall in front of your desk as well. Pick out different geometric shapes and make a pattern, then fill them up with the stuff that’s usually sitting around like mail, pens, and pencils. When you think creatively about storage and decoration the possibilities are endless!

Use multipurpose furniture

You’ve probably seen the ottoman that serves as a storage box or the chair with hidden storage, but the multipurpose furniture doesn’t stop there! You can find all kinds of furniture that serves a dual purpose these days. If you’re serious about adding extra storage than this is an easy an unobtrusive route. Sometimes it can be difficult to find multipurpose storage in a certain style, so keep that in mind when decorating. If you’re really adventurous you could even make some of your own to fit the style you’re going for!

Decorating to remove clutter isn’t as farfetched as you might think. Give your rooms and update and tidy things up at the same time with these tips! Becoming clutter free and organized will give you ease of mind.

Author’s bio: Lisa is a writer and organization expert at SelfStorageDeals.com. She is currently working on projects involving storage units, including storage units in McAllen and storage units in Virginia Beach. "

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