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I wanted to share with you some decoupage ideas I made for some of my sweet friends.  One of my favorite ideas, was an idea I did for a baby shower gift.  I really wanted to do something special for her. 

Sometimes it is hard to find baby nursery wall decor that I really like, or want to give as a gift.  I enlisted the help of my friend's husband to secretly send me photos of her partially decorated nursery.

Off to the craft store I went, looking for scrapbook paper that matched the design and colors of other things in the baby nursery.


chipboard squares

wood letters
wooden clothes pins
ric-rac ribbon
ribbon (for hanging canvas)
modge podge
scrapbook paper
paint brush
acrylic paint
acrylic sealer
hot glue

Let's get started...

Using the baby's name in the nursery wall decor makes the room feel customized and special for the sweet little bundle of joy.  Ruby, was the name of this special one, so only four chipboards were needed.  You don't have to use chipboards in your decoupage ideas project.  You could form your squares with the scrapbook paper alone. 

Whatever design you plan to use, lay out your letters and chipboard on the canvas to make sure the canvas you chose is the correct size.

Okay, first thing to do is glue the paper onto your chipboard. It is really easy to get wrinkles, so go slow, and press the paper flat as you go along.

I wanted an old-fashion vintage look for my art project. So, after I covered my chipboard with the scrapbook paper, I antiqued the edges with brown waterproof stamping ink using a small sponge.

Next, I painted the letters white, and antiqued the edges using the stamping ink again. Not only does antiquing your letters give a vintage look, but it makes the letters stand out.

Time to paint your canvas. If you want your painted canvas to have some depth, here is mini art lesson on how to achieve that look:

Start by painting your canvas with several coats acrylic paint.  Once your canvas is completely dry, on a paper plate pour out the paint you used for the canvas, and some white paint.  Dip half of your brush into the white, and the other half into your canvas color. Paint onto your canvas making an "X" over and over to blend the colors.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  Continue this technique all over your canvas.

If you get too much of one color in a spot, dip your brush into the opposite color and blend while the paint is still wet.

After your canvas is completely dry, it is time to create the border.  Cut your strips of paper all the same size and modge podge onto your canvas.

If you have a corner open, just cut a small square that matches your paper and modge podge it in place. Press firmly with your fingers until is completely flat.

I love ric-rac ribbon! Here, I attached it to the edge of the border using Elmer's glue. Once you are finished attaching the ribbon, brush the modge podge all over your canvas and let it dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Hot glue some cute buttons on the corner of your canvas.

Add ric-rac ribbon around your chipboard, and glue small buttons in each corner. Then attach your letters to the chipboard using hot glue. Place your letters on your canvas spacing them out evenly, and attach with hot glue. 

I painted my clothespins white, and antiqued them. The clothespins were hot glued onto the canvas, and ribbon run through them to give the impression of a clothes line. You can find these clothespins in the unfinished wood section of the craft store.

Add ribbon for hanging the canvas using a staple gun, or hot glue. And, you are finished! For easy decoupage ideas, this one isn't bad!

Photo Canvas Art

This was a super fun decoupage project! I took a regular photo and uploaded it in Photoshop and turned it into a watercolor picture.  If you don't have Photoshop there are several free online programs that will convert your photo into a piece of art!

I ordered the print in an  8x10 size, and then purchased a canvas the same size.

Modge podge the back of your photo as well as your canvas and mount the photo.  Be careful not to get wrinkles.

Once dry, modge podge the top of the photo using the "X" technique I talked about above. Once dry repeat this process.

How cute is this little guy? What an easy and cheap wall decor idea, that you can give as a gift, or make one for yourself! I am planning on having a large black and white engineer print made to mount onto a large painted board. 

I'll Take Some Cake

This is one of my decoupage ideas that is a little more time consuming. I purchased different embellishments to add to this canvas art, as well as using different scrapbook paper designs.

I have a free pattern you can download below, so you can decorate your cake in whatever design your wish.

If you have any decoupage ideas you would love to have featured, just click on the "Your Ideas" button in the left navigation bar.  I would love to see your projects!

Right-click to download the PDF.

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