Dinner Party Etiquette Advice
So You Don't Get Embarassed!

Are you looking for some advice on dinner party etiquette? If you are going to be attending an elegant dinner party, the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself!

dinner party etiquette

So what is the definition of etiquette? Basically, in simple terms, it means "polite behavior". How we behave at someone's dinner table reflects on our own character. Good table manners are so important!

Dinner Party Etiquette List

1. Always respond to your dinner party invitation. A hostess goes to a lot of work in order to have a successful dinner party, so always remember to r.s.v.p.!

2. Be prompt! If you are going to be late it is always best to call the host or hostess and let them know. My mother used to always say people who are always late just announce to the world “it is all about me”. Sometimes running late just can't be helped, just be courteous and phone ahead.

3. Bring a small hostess gift. This is always a nice gesture of appreciation.

4. The first thing you want to do when you sit down, is to place your napkin in your lap.

5. Never have your cell phone out during dinner. The only time this is acceptable is if you are expecting a very important call. In this case, apologize to everyone at the table ahead of time for the possibility of an interruption.

6. When passing food, always pass to your right. If there is a lady seated to your right, offer her a helping first.

7. Never reach across the table for anything. Always ask someone to pass you whatever it is you need.

8. For me, the art of conversation is simple; ask more and talk less. Have you ever been at a dinner party where a guest just drones on and on about themselves? Be polite to others, ask a question about them. Listen attentively, you may learn something completely fascinating!

9. Never begin eating until either the host or hostess begins, or they instruct you to begin eating. This also applies when you are being served your dessert.

10. Hold your silverware correctly. It is proper to place your fork or knife on the side of your plate when not in use.

11. Always send a thank you note to your hostess.

For more advice on being a great conversationalist, please visit Elegant Woman.org and read her page on Emily Post Manners On The Art of Conversation.
I hope these suggestions have answered your etiquette questions. Remember, dinner party etiquette is about "polite behavior". Now, go have a wonderful time. You'll be the life of the party!

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