Easter Centerpiece
You are going to love this table centerpiece!

Creating this Easter centerpiece was so much fun! I can't wait to share it with you. If you are having an Easter brunch or dinner, this centerpiece will be the talk of the table!

For this centerpiece, you will need a container, two large artificial cabbages, bird's nest, carrots, greenery vines, foam floral blocks, brown Spanish moss, five small feather picks, two tall flower stems,  two medium flower stems, and two small flower stems. I added some grapevine ribbon, but that is optional.

Choose a container with some character. You also want your container to be in an oval shape. We have a lot of items we are going to fill it with, so we need all the room.

I really thought this flower was pretty.  I picked light purple, and white for my two tall center flowers.

When I saw this cabbage it was the catalyst for my decision to make an Easter centerpiece. I loved the antique writing on the leaves! I found it at the local craft store.

Start by placing your foam blocks in your floral container. You may have to cut them to fit, but make sure to wedge them in tightly, so they will stay put.

The first thing you are going to do is add the two tall flowers. Make one flower a little shorter than the other.

Now, add your cabbage to the container. Don't place the cabbages the same exact way on both sides. Try to make one cabbage angle one way and the other cabbage sit at a slightly different angle. A little variation compliments the overall shape of the arrangement.

Next, add your brown Spanish moss.  Spread it out evenly.

When roaming through the greenery aisle, I am usually extremely picky about what I choose. Greenery that is dainty, petite, and will flow down the side of the container are my favorite choices.

Snip the greenery into small pieces and place them around the edges of your container. Let the greenery dangle down the side. Don't go overboard; less is more.

I love the vintage look in just about any type of decorating accessories. So, I rubbed on some antiquing paint very lightly to give these Easter eggs a timeless look.

When you are creating any type of silk floral arrangement, always start with the largest flowers first, then move to medium, and then small. This flower was my choice for the medium flowers. There were about five of these flowers on one stem.

I have recently discovered grapevine ribbon. I love adding any type of natural elements to my arrangements.

These little feather stems run around fifty cents on sale. I grouped them in pairs.

Now you need to add your smallest flowers. Cut them in smaller pieces, and bend the stems to flow over the container.

Group your painted Easter eggs in pairs, and place them in empty spots in your arrangement.

Add your nest and artificial carrots. Nothing says Easter decorating ideas like eggs, carrots, and bird's nest.

Your friends and family are going to adore your new table decorating idea for this spring holiday! They will be even more impressed when you tell them you made it yourself!

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