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Would you like some easy decorating ideas that really are easy to do? Would you like ideas that don’t require a designer’s dictionary to understand? Then I am so happy you stopped by, because I have put together 10 of my top favorite budget decorating ideas that you can easily understand. These are easy decorating ideas that will make a huge impact in your home!

easy decorating ideas

Eliminate The Clutter

My first and absolutely most important easy decorating advice, is eliminating the clutter. I know you are thinking, “That is not a decorating idea!”. In order to start decorating and adding new accessories to your home, you must eliminate what you don’t like, want, or need. Be ruthless and honest about your things, and whether you really need to keep them.

Paint a Room

Nothing transforms a room like a fresh coat of paint! Paint is relatively inexpensive and makes one of the biggest impacts in a room! When trying to choose a color for your room, always get a few different paint swatches in the same color hue. Hold them all up against a solid white color. This really helps to show you how dark or light a color will be.

Then buy a sample quart of your top two favorites. This is money that is beyond well spent! Paint a sample on more than one wall. Paint changes colors in different lighting.

Wall Decor Done Right

Many times when visiting a client’s home, and after looking around a particular room, I will tell them they are “bottom heavy”. This is a very professional interior decorating term. What it means is a room that has plenty of furniture, tables, chairs, and rugs, but hardly anything on the walls or windows. All of the weight of the room is on the bottom.

Your wall decor needs to be the right scale for your wall. Choosing large art and mirrors will add height and drama to your room. Don’t decorate with too many small photos or pieces of artwork. It only makes the wall look cluttered.

Dress Those Windows

Window treatments add warmth and comfort to any room. It doesn’t matter if they are $25 curtains from Target, or $500 custom curtains. Don’t forget about dressing your windows!

Hang your curtains as far above your window frame as possible, this makes the window and room feel larger. Add bamboo shades along with your drapery panels, for a classic yet casual style.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

Think about the pillows on your couch and beds right now. Are they sad, flat, and boring? Changing out your pillows is a fabulous easy decorating idea that makes such a difference. Use your pillows to add a punch of color! Shop at discount decorating stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls. They carry well made pillows at great prices.

Lighting Up a Room

Lighting is one of the most important decorating aspects of any room. Bad lighting does nothing to show off your furniture and accessories. Have only overhead lighting? Gracious, don’t make me go there.

When you want to create a soothing atmosphere where you don’t need light to read, use 40 watt bulbs. They put off just the right amount of light to create a tranquil and inviting room.

If your kitchen's only light source is overhead lighting, install a dimmer switch. Then purchase a small mini lamp to place in the corner of your countertop. Just one small lamp will create a soft pleasant glow.

Creating a Bathroom Spa

To me, the most unattractive feature in a bathroom is seeing tons of products on the countertops and lined around the tub. It's time to get the product overload under control!

Place a basket under your cabinet to hold all of your hair care appliances. Purchase plastic, divided drawer containers for keeping makeup and other personal products organized. Buy clear, glass bottle dispensers for your shampoo and conditioner, and place around your tub.

For accessories, large candle sticks look great around the tub, along with a potted plant. Purchase new white or cream colored towels. Too many colored towels can look sloppy.

Accessorizing With Style

Accessorizing with balance can seem overwhelming and difficult. Just follow one simple rule, and it will help you decorate with ease; Decorate in three’s.

For example, if you have a small table, accessorize with a lamp, books, and a photo frame. If you want to put candlesticks on one side of your mantel, choose three different heights. For a glass kitchen cabinet; put a plate on a stand in the middle, and use a sugar and creamer set, placing one on each side of the plate. See? Decorating in three’s is pretty easy!

Show a Little Green

I love a little greenery in every room. But, I don’t love real plants in plastic containers, plants that are half dead, and cheap, plastic, and usually very dusty artificial greenery. (sorry if I sound rude; just being honest) If you don’t have a green thumb, go with artificial greenery that looks completely real.

Here is a fabulous cleaning trick: Use foam bathroom cleaner to clean your artificial greenery. Simply spray on the bathroom cleaner and it will eat up the dust. Then you just rinse off your greenery!

Front Entry Appeal

When you walk up to your front door, is it clean and inviting? Give your front entry some curb appeal! Clean up this area, wash your windows, sweep the steps, trim up the bushes! Add a front door wreath, or potted plant to your entryway, nothing is more welcoming. Sometimes the best easy decorating ideas, are just organizing, cleaning, and beautifying an area.

I hope these easy decorating ideas have given you some inspiration. I truly don’t think you have to spend a fortune to create a warm and special home. Thank you so much for stopping by! Come back again!

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