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If you are looking for easy sew curtains, there isn't a better beginner sewing project than this one! This curtain mounts on a 1x4 board, and hangs with "L" shape brackets. And, you can make these curtains with 1-1/2 yards of fabric! Not only are these easy sew curtains, but adding in the inexpensive hardware , they are definitely cheap window treatments!

easy sew curtains

These curtains are a fantastic choice, especially if you are only wanting a curtain topper. I had a really good time making this tutorial. I made this "Cowboy Curtain" to incorporate the Western theme into a little boy's bedroom idea! But, you can use any type of fabric from a country cottage fabric, to a silk fabric for a more formal look.

For the curtain pictured, I used a faux leather, faux cowhide, rope, and large metal embellishments that I thought looked like a sheriff's badge. I found the metal stars in the leather section at the craft store.

For this project you will need:
drapery fabric
coordinating drapery fabric
drapery lining
staple gun

easy sew curtains

Easy Sew Curtains

How to figure the amount of fabric
you need and your measurements

Amount of fabric:

If you are making this curtain for a regular size window, (40" and under) you will need 1 yard of your predominate drapery fabric, and 1/2 yard of your coordinating fabric that will be used to make the pleat. You will need 1 1/2 yards for your cording.

Figuring out your fabric cutting measurements:

Measure your window from the outsides of the frame molding. Next, measure how long you would like your curtains to be.

TIP: If you have room, hang your window treatments about your windows. This makes your windows and room look even larger.

Take the width of your window and add 1". If your window measures 38", then your total will be 39". This measurement will also be the length you will want to cut your 1x4 board. You want your board to be 1" wider than your window.

Tip 2#: If you don't have a saw to cut your board, don't worry. Most all home improvement stores will cut it for you for free. Make sure you purchase pine boards. They are much cheaper!

Below is a diagram to help further illustrate these instructions.

easy sew curtains

After you have figured out your width, take the length measurement and add 2". So, for example, if you want your curtains to be 16" long, then your cut will be 18" long. This allows for the bottom seam and mounting onto the board.

Below is another diagram to show how to cut your individual pieces of fabric.

easy sew curtains

Figuring out your measurements and cutting your fabric is the hardest part of these "easy sew curtains"!

easy sew fabric

Whew! Okay, measuring done, fabric cut, time to sew! Sew your three pieces together with right sides together. Press your seams open.

easy sew curtains

Sew a 1/2 seam allowance. Don't forget right sides together. I've messed that up many times.

easy sew curtains

This is how your curtain should look once your pieces are sewn together, and you have pressed your seams.

easy sew curtains

Now, you are ready to add your drapery lining to your drapery fabric. Lay your curtain right side down. Cut your lining about 1/2" larger than your curtain. Pin your lining to your curtain.

You do not sew to top of the curtain. Only sew the sides and the bottom. Once sewn, trim your seams, then turn your curtain and press.

easy sew curtains

Lay your curtain on the floor and mark the middle of your coordinating fabric with a pin. Carefully, fold your fabric meeting up with the pin. This will create your pleat.

easy sew curtains

You are now ready to fold open your pleat to show off your coordinating fabric. Pin both sides open, and measure both to make sure they are the same size.

Next, you want to hand sew your pleat in place. Use white thread so it does not show on the back side of your curtain. (Photo shows brown, ignore! I figured that out after I took the photo!)

I just made a mark where the metal embellishment would go, and then I poked the needle up through all the layers a few times, hiding my knot in the fold. That is all the hand sewing that is necessary to hold your pleat open.

easy sew curtains

I added this fun metal star, but you could add a button, ribbon, a covered button, or just about anything! I attached my metal star with hot glue.

easy sew curtains

It is time to attach your curtain to the 1x4 board. Cover your board with drapery lining. Use a staple gun to attach your lining to the board. Place the staple side up and mark the middle of your board. Next, mark 1" all the way around three sides of your board.

This will help you keep your curtain straight when stapling to your board, because you just match up with the line and staple!

Start with the middle of your curtain first. Then work from the middle to the right, and then the middle to the left.

You can staple your "easy sew curtains" on the floor, until you get to the ends. Once you get to the end of your board, place your board on a small table. You might want to put a towel under your curtain to protect your table while working.

easy sew curtains

You will staple your outside edges first, then fold over corner and staple again. The photo above shows how to staple it correctly.

easy sew curtains

I attached a rope to keep in character of my "cowboy curtain", but you can add cording. Make sure to purchase cording with an edge for easy stapling.

I attached my rope with hot glue. I also tried to attach my fingers. Not the best way to exfoliate.

easy sew curtains

These are "L" brackets. You want to measure the distance above your window and mark on the outside edges. Then simply drill your "L" brackets into the wall.

Next, place your curtain on top of the brackets, and drill two more screws into the bracket and board. Aren't these easy sew curtains? I love them!

Below is a photo of the same curtain only with two pleats, and no coordinating fabric. This is a great window design, because you can use it in kid's window coverings, adult bedroom curtains, and practically any room in the house.

They are so easy and fun to make; give it a whirl! I know you can do it! Once you conquer these easy sew curtains try your hand at other sewing projects! Thanks for stopping by!

easy sew curtains

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