Fall Table Decorations
Budget Friendly Ideas

Don't you love fall table decorations? Would you like to create a gorgeous table, but you aren't quite sure what to do? Then I am glad you stopped by! You can create a beautiful fall table on a budget!

How pretty is this table? I decorated this table for under $50! If you love to find cheap decorating ideas, that don't look cheap, then you are my kind of person! Watch for sales at your local craft stores. You will save a ton of money!

When deciding on fall table decorations, the first decision is your table centerpiece. I like to keep my table centerpiece ideas simple. My mother gave me this soup tureen, and I thought it would be perfect.

Another idea is using a candle for your centerpiece. Find an attractive candle hurricane, and fill it with fall decorations.

The key to decorating a beautiful table, is layering your decorations. Just like the rule of "decorating in three's", you "layer in three's". By that I mean, you have small, medium, and large fall decorations, and you start with the large decorations first, medium, and then small.

My soup tureen is my large decoration, my birds and pumpkins are my medium, and the pine cones, feathers, and acorns are my small decorations.

I really like to use natural elements when decorating a table. I am lucky to have pine trees in my yard, so pine cones are in abundance. You can find pine cones at your local craft store if you don't have any pine trees near you.

Browse down the fall pick aisle and look for picks that look natural. Look for fall leaves that don't look like plastic. Feathers are a perfect choice for decorating your fall table.

I found two pheasants at the craft store, and thought they would look great flanking the soup tureen.

Here is how you begin to layer your decorations: start with your centerpiece. Next, place your medium items on the table. Step back and look at where you placed them. Are they even on both sides?

Now, take all of your fall picks, (remove the plastic picks) pine cones, leaves, and feathers, and "nestle" them around your medium fall decorations. Follow the same layering rule of starting with the large and working down to the small. It is that easy!

Chargers are a must on a table! These are inexpensive plastic chargers, and that fits right into my budget! Choose a charger that blends in with your other colors of your fall table decorations.

Now, the really fun part! I love making place cards! These little grapevine pumpkins were actually fall picks. I cut off the plastic pick close to the pumpkin, so it would lay flat.

These little pumpkins make beautiful Thanksgiving place cards!

It doesn't take long to make your name tags. One trick I love to do is with my light brown stamp ink. After you cut out your name tag, use a small sponge and gently rub it over your ink pad. Next, brush only the edges of your name tag.

Just a little bit of brown color on the edges makes your name tag stand out!

Remember, have fun creating you fall table decorations. Always walk up and down the craft aisles. You never know what might jump out at you. Happy fall!

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