Faux Tile Backsplash
You are not going to believe how real this backsplash looks!

This faux tile backsplash tutorial was so fun and easy! Now, I did not backsplash a whole kitchen wall.  In fact, my clients needed something they could take with them to the next home, so I actually framed the tiles.

When you look at this photo, doesn't it look like real tiles?

Do you have an empty space above your stove that is constantly messy from cooking, or just a boring area that needs some spicing up? (get it?)

This product is called Weathered Stone. It is a bendable tile. It feels like a thick piece of paper. The difference is you can grout it, and seal it! And, you cut them with scissors!

So, let's get started.  First, if you are going to frame your project, purchase your frame first. Measure the inside of the frame to determine the measurements for the board. I purchased a thin board from Home Depot, and they cut the board for me. Love them!

Next, I placed the board into the frame and drew a pencil line around the edges to know exactly where to place my tiles.

Spend some time designing the way you want your tiles to look. I decided to start  by making an edge with smaller square tiles. I used regular scissors to cut my pieces.

You apply your Weathered Stone tiles with wallpaper paste. This made it easier to move the pieces around before they dried.

Leave space between your tiles for grout.

If one of your tile pieces looks like this, no worries!  Use it!  When you grout it later, it will be filled in, and will actually add to the weathered look.

I finished all the outside tiles, and now it is time for the larger tiles. These were cut 4" x 4".

Mark your tiles with a pencil. Then remove them and begin gluing them onto your wall or board.

NOTE: I am not a perfectionist when it comes to this type of detail. Making it look good works for me, but exact measurements down to the millimeter wasn't what I was going for. I say this, for those of you who are like me.  Don't have panic attack trying to make it perfect.  I didn't.  I just took a swig of Starbucks and kept on going. 

This faux backsplash tile needed some interest.  So, I cut small squares of the darker brown tile to place in the middle of the larger squares.

Mark the square with a pencil, then you can take an exact-o knife and cut a space for the smaller tile to fit into.

Whew! Finished all the gluing.  If you like puzzles, you will like this DIY project.

This is the fun "playing in the mud" part. Weathered Stone grout is very light.  It feels a lot like mousse. Take your time working the grout in between the tiles. 

Use a sponge to smooth out the grout. Don't worry if the grout gets all over your tiles.  It actually adds the weathered look that makes the faux tile backsplash not look faux!

See how the grout fills in the cracks of the Weathered Stone tile? It is beautiful!

Here is where I had even more fun. I bought these in the jewelry aisle at the craft store.  They are metal "things".  I really don't know anything about jewelry crafting, but I knew they were exactly what I wanted!

First, I glued the metal design onto the square.  Next, I used some acrylic paint in the color "burnt umber" and painted the square and metal piece. I did this to make it look like all one piece. Then I took some acrylic paint in "gold" and highlighted the middle.

NOTE: This is not something you have to do, but I took some "burnt umber" and painted the edges of the tiles to give them an even more Old World look and feel.

This is the frame I purchased from the craft store.  My mother always told me I could never leave well enough alone. SO......

I thought a black frame would look a lot better. I painted two coats onto the outer frame, then gently sanded a little of the paint off to give it a distressed look.

The final step was adding two coats of polyurethane. The sky is the limit on all the different faux tile backsplash ideas you can come up with using Weathered Stone!

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