Fireplace Mantel Decorating
Using Fall Decorations!

I love coming up with new and different ideas for fireplace mantel decorating. Autumn decorations are so beautiful on a mantel. Are you ready to make your mantel beautiful using fall decorations?

When it comes to fireplace mantel decorating, it is all about layering correctly. Once you get that down, it is really easy! I promise!

I like to use ready-made garlands as my foundation for mantel decorating. Having garlands makes it so much easier to layer all of your other decorations. My mantel is pretty big, so I have to purchase two garlands.

If you have to use two garlands, they may overlap in the middle. But that is okay because it will give added height to the middle of your mantel. Intertwine the two garlands together so they don't slip off the mantel.

Let your garland hang off the sides of your mantel. Make sure they are hanging off evenly on both sides.

Even though I am decorating for fall, I like to add Christmas lights to my garland. Fall decorations can be a little dark, but if you add lights, it highlights everything beautifully.

The next step is to add your ribbon. I like to purchase ribbon that has wired edges. It makes it so much easier to work with, and helps to keep the ribbon in place. I have chosen three different ribbons to add lots of color and texture.

Adding ribbon in your fireplace mantel decorating is probably the one step that is a little tricky. It is so easy to make your ribbon look like you just threw it up there. So, the key is to "tuck and twist" your ribbon throughout your garland. See how the ribbon is twisted and then tucked into the garland?

To make it easier, you can cut your ribbon in strips of about 3 feet. Just make sure you tuck your ribbon in the back of your garland, and start your next strip at the same spot so that it looks like one continuous piece of ribbon.

When you get to the end of your garland, wrap your ribbon around your garland like shown, and then trim your ribbon at an angle.

I wanted to add a pop of color to all of the browns, golds, and greens in the garland. These red sunflowers were just the right touch. Trim your flowers leaving about four inches of stem. Bend the stem, and then slide it into your garland.

You have to add some pumpkins! Mix it up and add glittery pumpkins and plain pumpkins!

I mentioned that layering was the key in fireplace mantel decorating. Always start with the largest autumn decorations first, and work your way down to the smaller decorations.

For me, feathers are a must for any fall decorating idea! These gold feathers in the middle collage came in small clusters that I snipped and added to the garland.

These are the smallest fall decorations I added. I love the wheat! Look in the aisle where they carry natural dried flowers for the wheat. (I had to hunt for that!)

Just place all of your smaller decorations evenly throughout your garland. Take a step back and look at your mantel to see if things are being distributed evenly.

My number one tip on fireplace mantel decorating is this: Have your decorations hang over your mantel.

Use the feathers, sprigs, and the wheat to accomplish this. It makes a world of difference when your decorations hang over your mantel and look airy instead of clumpy. (those are professional interior decorating terms!)

When I walk into my living room with my mantel all lit up and decorated for fall, I just get a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Happy Fall!

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