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When it comes to front door decorating, the key is being able to take a literal step back and look at the front of your home with a very critical eye. Walk out to the end of your driveway and take a photo. Look at it pretending you are not the owner. What is it about your front entrance that needs work? Does your home need a little curb appeal?

Here are some photos of front door decorating ideas to help you get great curb appeal!

Are your bushes overgrown, does your front door need painting, or perhaps your porch columns need updating?

Let's take a look at some photos I took of some homes. Some of them hit the mark with a 10! Others need a little work and accessorizing.

So whether you are going for a cottage style look, or a simple traditional style, some simple ground rules will make your front door decorating an easy project you can do yourself.

This house gets a 10 in my book! It is beautiful and elegant. The simple black shutters stand out against the white painted brick. What makes the front door look so beautiful is the black urns flanking the door, the brass kick plate shining, and the exterior lighting.

front door decorating

This front door is so adorable! I love it! But this house needs a little TLC. First of all, the front steps need pressure washing. Two simple flower pots on each side of the door would make all the difference! Choose your porch decor wisely.

The security sign needs to be placed in a different spot. It needs to be seen from the road, but doesn't necessarily have to be so close to the front door.

front door decorating

I love the color that these homeowner painted their front door! Again, a rounded door is so unique and definitely fits the cottage style. Second, here is another home that needs some TLC. The ivy needs to be trimmed back, pots need to be planted, and pressure washing is a must.

front door decorating

Don't you love the entrance to this home? The double French doors, decorated with front door wreaths is just beautiful. I love how the homeowner choose red berry wreaths to give the doors a pop of color. Gorgeous home!

front door decorating

I took a photo of this front door to illustrate how important it is when choosing a wreath for your front door. You need to make sure it isn't too small. In this photo the wreath does nothing to accentuate the front door.

Front door decorating doesn't always have to include a wreath, but if you do choose to decorate with a wreath, walk back to the street and take a good look. Can you see the wreath well? The wreath should accentuate and add color to your door.

front door decorating

This is another home that scores a 10! Front doors are very expensive, especially glass French doors like the one pictured. But, if it is something you can work into your budget, it makes such a drastic difference!

The two potted plants are just the right size, and the green ferns are fabulous! Keeping your outdoor lighting, and garden containers the same color makes the entrance look well-kept and tidy.

front door decorating

Now when you look at this house you may be asking, "Okay, there aren't any porch decorating ideas in this photo." I wanted to include this because, as the old saying goes, "less is more." This homeowner is letting the architecture speak for itself. I love the unique idea of putting an outdoor fan at the front entrance.

They stayed with the a-symmetrical decorating by using two black cast iron urns and there are two boxwood trees planted on both sides of the brick stairs. Keeping it simple also allows for easy maintenance, which I am all about!

front door decorating

The architecture surrounding the front door is beautiful, but that is where the beauty stops. The brick stairs are cluttered with too many potted plants. The wreath is not only too small, but it is hung entirely too low on the door.

Using only two potted plants and purchasing a larger wreath hung at the proper height would go a long way to improving this home's entrance.

front door decorating

I saved one of my favorites for last. This house is beyond adorable! I know not all of us can have the white picket fence, but you have to admit this one is just too cute!

The door painted a bright yellow is stunning, and the brass kick plate just makes it sparkle. The black lanterns aglow give an old world feeling. The boxwood trees are brilliant up against the gray color of the home.

And painted brick is just one of my favorite looks. The black shutters against the gray brick just make this home look magnificent.

As I took this photo, I just knew the homeowner was in there baking chocolate chip cookies with Michael Buble playing in the background.

I hope you enjoyed these front door decorating ideas and photos. For the most part, usually a good cleaning, touch up painting, and adding potted plants is really all that is necessary to make your front entrance lovely!

front door decorating

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