Garage Yard Sales
My BEST Budget Decorating Secret

Garage Yard Sales, to me, are one of the most shrewd and savvy ways to save money, and make money. I am an avid garage saler! It all started when I was a little girl. My parents would get me up at the crack of dawn; my mother would have her newspaper in hand with pen circles around local garage sales.

I have had my share of garage yard sales also! This page has helpful tips whether you are having a garage sale, or shopping at them! Thanks for stopping by!

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Garage Sale Shopping Tips!

Now, as a child I wasn’t too crazy about these Saturday morning excursions. But now as an adult, and at one time having three children at home, it was a lifesaver!

When I talk about the deals I have discovered at garage yard sales most of the time people respond with, “I have gone to a few garage sales, but I never find anything”. So, let me tell you the truth; out of ten sales I may find, one possibly two will have something I am looking for.

You have to have the stamina to get up early in the morning, go from house to house, and be willing to rummage through a lot of junk.

So, you’re probably saying, “So, you are getting in and out of the car, most of time for nothing.” Yes, that is true. What keeps me going? Let me tell you! It is when you find a spectacular deal. It is a complete adrenaline rush! When I know I have found a deal, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. And truthfully, this is when I do some of my worst driving. I just get so excited it is really ridiculous! You have to remember it isn't like shopping at a department store; there is not going to be ten of one item.

My Fabulous Finds!

What deals have I found that makes me talk with such excitement? Well, let me tell you about a few things I have purchased. I now own a large collection of the Franciscan Dinnerware "Desert Rose". I did not get the whole collection at one place. One set of four luncheon plates I purchased from a young bride, turned out to be really old. She just wasn't interested in the china pattern.

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Another find just recently, (get ready this one is going to make you really jealous - sorry!) was a brand new Coach purse with matching wallet with the tags still on it! The lady who sold it did purchase it from the Coach outlet, but the price of the purse was $199 and the wallet was $175. So what did I pay for it? Purse and wallet cost $30. Yeah, I was skipping all the way to my car! So, that is what I call an adrenaline rush.

garage sale coach purse

My husband teases me that we have a revolving door on furniture. And that is true, because I replace pieces of furniture all the time. I will find one I like better, and sell the one I am no longer crazy about. And almost every time I sell it, I make money! This is because I have added unique hardware, maybe painted it, or just gave it a little T.L.C.

This is about living simply, living within your means, and embracing financial peace. The confidence and pride you have in yourself for being a bargain hunter will just blossom. It truly is a fabulous feeling.

Garage Sale Tips

1. Early bird gets the worm, period end of sentence.

2. Plan ahead by looking in the paper and scouting out your route.

3. Bring a tape measure.

4. Feel free to negotiate a price; just always be respectful.

5. Bring cash, and bring small bills. Don't stuff your wallet with $20 bills. You don't want to deplete the seller's change.

6. Purchase items you need! Make a garage sale check list for yourself! It took me a long time to learn this lesson. It isn't a deal if you don't need it.

Garage Sale Etiquette

Don't arrive earlier than the advertised start time. This is really rude to the sellers. They are trying to get ready for their sale.

Never park in the seller's driveway. This is rude to the homeowners, and to the other shoppers.

Don't be frustrated at sellers when they don't want to go down on the price of an item.

Tips on Having Successful Garage Yard Sales!
Garage Sale Checklist!

1. One of the most important things you can do to insure success is to be serious about organizing a garage sale. Have different "departments" just like a store. Clothes in one area, household appliances in another, etc. Hang as many of your clothes on hangers as possible.

2. Pricing garage yard sales correctly is extremely important. A rule of thumb is to price your items 1/3 of their original cost. Don't forget to price everything! No one likes to have to ask the price of something.

3. Garage Sale advertising doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. You can advertise free on Craigs List, or if you live in a busy area, put plenty of signs out. Also, many newspapers offer a low-cost, garage sale kit which comes with all-weather signs and labels.

4. Make your signs VERY easy to read, along with your address and large arrows pointing where your shoppers should go.

5. Keep your money close! I bought a nail pouch from the home improvement store, and my money is never out of sight! Start your sale with $100 in small bills and change. You do not want to run out of change!

6. If you have several electrical appliances, keep an extension cord handy so shoppers can test out their products before they buy.

7. Keep "guy" items, such as lawnmower, and tools near the end of your driveway. Men don't always want to stop at a sale, even if their wife is begging! So, add a little temptation!

8. When things sell, don't keep empty spots on your table. Move stuff around and keep it interesting.

9. Don't have a sale on a holiday weekend. Holidays tend to have lower customers.

10. Make sure your neighborhood doesn't have any restrictions against having garage yard sales.

Good Luck!

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