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Trying to sell your home and need home staging tips? You have come to the right place. The home staging tips in this article are easy and can be completed in a weekend! In this economy, staging a home to sell is so important!

They say the first 30 seconds a home-buyer enters the home is all it takes for a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. I staged homes for a very successful realtor and I learned many valuable lessons. The first was that there is a big difference in “decorating” a home, and “staging” a home.

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The number one tip is to eliminate clutter! I will be reiterating this point throughout the article. Nothing shrinks your home and makes it more unattractive than clutter. I really believe if you step back and put yourself in the buyer's shoes, it will help you be able to stage your home correctly.

You will have to spend a little money to properly stage your home. But, in the end, “staging a home costs less than your first price reduction.” If you do nothing else but follow the tips below you will no doubt make your home that much more attractive to buyers. Below are 10 home staging tips to help get your home sold fast!

10 Great Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tip #1
The Entryway

home staging tips

Walk through your front door pretending you’re a home-buyer. BE CRITICAL! What do you see that is unattractive to you? Is the lighting bad? Is your entryway boring and uninviting?

If you don’t have a foyer table, find one that is the right size for that area. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the table, the idea is to make your entryway inviting!

Next, add a nice lamp and a simple floral arrangement. Go to a home goods store and pick out a cheap arrangement.

Just a little “mood” lighting in the foyer makes a huge impression. Nobody likes to walk into a dark house.

HINT: Even if you are showing your home in the day, always put the foyer light on!

Home Staging Tip #2
De-personalizing Your Home

home staging tips

Go through your home and remove 90% of your family photos. I love my family photos just like you do! But you want the buyer to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. Too many photos becomes a distraction. Limit them, and if you are doing a collage of photos on a particular wall, make sure the frames are all up-to-date. Use identical frames and mats when hanging your photos! This makes a very neat and organized display.

Home Staging Tip #3
The Kitchen

home staging tips

The kitchen is a vital selling point. So, I’m going to be brutally honest here! If your countertops are cluttered and just plain messy, it is going to be a huge turn-off to buyers. The kitchen is the hub of the home and the highlight of what buyers are anxious to see. Don’t have too many appliances on the countertops. Even if it is something you are using daily, store it away when your home is going to be shown. It is a pain to keep a house this spotless, I know! But the end result is getting your home sold!

If you have an eat-in area in your kitchen with a table, purchase a few new place mats and napkins that coordinate with the kitchen’s color palette. Then set the table with four plates (preferably white) placing the napkins in napkin rings on the plates. It just says “home” to see a neatly set table. It does not have to be extravagant!

Home Staging Tip #4

home staging tips

Again, your first job is to walk in the room yourself playing the potential buyer. What are the highlights and lowlights of that particular bedroom?

I cannot stress enough the value of a well-made bed! If you don’t have great bedding, then just add to what you have already. Go to a discount store and purchase matching shams, and a smaller pillow to place in the front of the shams. Purchase a nice throw to go across the front of your bed.

The first thing that hits the buyer's eye is the focal point of the room; THE BED! Make it stand out!

The master bedroom is a room that is especially important. This room should look really inviting and peaceful. Think about a nice hotel room and apply that vision to your bedroom.

Don't be afraid to paint a room if necessary! If your colors are to bold and not calm and serene, this is a huge turn off to a potential buyer.

Home Staging Tip #5

home staging tips

Okay, broken record; de-clutter! Next go out and purchase new towels, rugs, and, if necessary, a new shower curtain. Place two large bath towels on the towel rod, and then put two hand towels over them. It is a neat and organized display.

Get a plastic, square basket that will fit under your cabinets neatly. You will need this to be able to quickly hide the toiletries when your house is going to be shown. No buyer wants to see your used toothbrush!

Home Staging Tip #6

home staging tips

I know, I know! The Achilles heel of all of us “clutter bugs”! It scares me to think about what a few of my closets look like! But, you’re going to have to conquer the closets! If you are short on time, put things you don't immediately need into large plastic bins with lids. Then store them in your attic or neatly in your garage.

Buy a few hanging shoe racks and get your shoes off the floor. IF you can, nothing should be on your closet floors.

Home staging tips are just that: good tips. If you don't have the room to keep your closet floors empty, then get some baskets to organize your things.

Home Staging Tip #7
The Dining Room

home staging tips

Dark paint colors make a room look small. Take the time to paint a room a neutral color. It is well worth the time invested.

home staging tips

{Photos from GoodbyeHouseHelloHome.blogspot.com }

Make your dining room table appealing. If you don’t have a really nice table, that is okay! Go buy a nice tablecloth. Make sure to give it a good pressing.

You don’t have to have an expensive floral centerpiece to make your dining room table appealing. Go purchase two large candlestick holders and candles. Place them on two small square mirrors. Or purchase one large candle urn, and again place it on a square mirror for effect.

If you have a buffet, make sure you have two buffet lamps with 40 watt bulbs in them. Your lamps will give off just the right amount of light! I cannot say enough about good lighting being essential to creating a warm and cozy feeling in your home.

There are many realtors that either offer staging furniture, or know where to find it. Don't be afraid to ask!

Home Staging Tip #8
The Living Room & Bonus Room


Being neat and organized applies here too. If your living room is overcrowded with too much furniture, making the room look small, remove some of your furniture. You want your living room to look large and inviting.

Good lighting and furniture placement are the key in the living room. Take a look at your sofa pillows. Are they a little bit sad and flat? Go spend a little money getting better pillows! I’m amazed at how many sad and neglected pillows there are out there!

Home Staging Tip #9
Mirrors & Greenery

home staging tips

Mirrors are a fantastic way to make a room seem much larger. Always try to hang a mirror on the opposite side of a window if possible. It reflects the natural light beautifully.

home staging tips

Add a little greenery wherever an area seems a little “boring”. Don’t go overboard! You can purchase a little greenery from any craft store along with a floral container. Simply place in the container, "fluff" it up a little, and then you have a simple arrangement.

Home Staging Tip #10
Curb Appeal!

home staging tips

What is your "curb appeal"? We recently remodeled our front porch and it made a huge difference for just a few hundred dollars.

Go stand out at the end of your driveway and take a look at the front of your house. It is so easy to get used to the way things are and not see any flaws. But, take a critical look at whether or not you have “curb appeal”.

Just a little tweaking and cleaning up can make a world of difference! Put a nice potted boxwood shrub by your front door, change out the door mat, and clean up the landscaping. For a cheap and easy front door decorating idea, hang a wreath on your front door. Nothing is more welcoming!

Try some of these front porch decorating tips to help jazz up your porch. Give your porch lots of curb appeal to help sell your home!

I hope these home staging tips have helped. These are tips anyone can do, and do on a budget! Learn how to stage your home, not only will it possibly raise your home property value, it will help you sell your home quickly!

home staging tips

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