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Tips on Choosing Interior Paint Colors

interior paint colors

The process of choosing interior paint colors can be equivalent to a root canal at times. Every designer will agree that choosing the right colors can be some of the toughest decisions. That little test swatch of paint can be very deceiving!

Having said that, there is nothing more transforming than when you paint a room. Whether you are changing a room to a new vibrant color, painting your kitchen cabinets, giving an antique table a furniture makeover, or just touching up your trim.

I am often asked what are my favorite interior wall colors. There are some timeless classics that I really love to use. Below are my favorite interior paint color ideas from Porter Paints!

Fabulous Favorite Colors!

interior paint colors interior paint colors
interior paint colors interior paint colors
interior paint colors interior paint colors
interior paint colors interior paint colors

Two Fabulous Whites!

Instead of choosing a stark white color for your trim, choose a white that has more of a cream hue. Porter paint color "Delicate White 518-1" is beautiful.

For furniture that you want to have a Cottage Style look, there is a color I have used often from Porter Paints called "Mother of Pearl 513-1". This white is a little more off-white than "Delicate White".

Don't be afraid to ask the clerk questions about the certain color you are considering. They know what different colorants make up that particular color, and they will be able to tell you about how the paint will look after two coats.

For instance, I decided to paint a room yellow. I didn't realize how much of a "green" tone was in the paint. Once I finished my second coat, that green shone through like a neon light. It was awful!

Use paint suppliers websites for help with bedroom painting ideas. Most websites have interactive paint software, try Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer.

ALWAYS get a sample quart and test out the color. I like to apply the color on cardboard and then hold it up against all four walls to see how it looks. Light affects the way paint will look, so always take a good look at your color in the day and evening.

Here are some helpful interior wall painting tips, that will give you advice on understanding different paint sheens, how to touch-up marks on your wall, and more!

interior paint colors

Would you like to know how to remove a popcorn ceiling?

If you'd love curb appeal paint ideas visit our friends at!

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