Old Door Into A Mirror!

Making an old door into a mirror is a fun and unique project. This wall decor will be the envy of all your friends! I recently had a client who had a very small hallway that lead into her bedroom. There was not enough room to put a piece of furniture. Her decorating style was cottage style, so this idea was perfect for her home!

So, I thought using an old door and replacing the glass with a mirror would not only be a really unique idea, but the mirror would expand the space.

I purchased this door at the local flea market. When choosing your door try to find one with a lot of detail. It is the details that will make it stand out.

The first thing you need to do is give it a really good cleaning. Use liquid dish soap and a gentle scrub brush to clean away the years of dirt. Clean both sides and let dry.

old door into mirror

old door into mirror

After you carefully remove the glass measure for the size mirror you will need. Most home improvement stores carry mirror and will cut it for you. Now you are ready to mount the mirror into the door.

old door into a mirror

Remove the molding on the back of the mirror. Gently place the mirror into the open space. You will need to purchase some small trim from the home improvement store and nail it in around all the edges. This will keep the mirror in place.

old door into mirror

Turning your old door into a mirror is a little tricky when it comes to mounting it on the wall. Your door is most likely very heavy and will need extra steps to guarantee the security on the wall. Use two large eye hooks on each side of the door. Measure from the top of the door equally on both sides and screw in both eye hooks.

You will want to make a small drill hole which will make it easier to begin to screw in the eye hook.

old door into mirror

Next, take a 1x2" pine board and cut it about 3/4 of the total width of your door. This will allow the door to hang evenly on the wall. Without this board, because of your eye hooks the door will stand out further from the wall. Adding this simple 1x2" board will keep this from happening. Attach the board to your door with screws.

old door into a mirror

accessorizing with mirrors

The next step in mounting your door to the wall is cutting another 1x2" board the same size as the one you cut for the bottom of your door. There are two important reasons you are going to mount your door this way:

1. You will be placing screws into the top of your board only about 3/4 of the way. This will allow you to lift up the door, and place it directly onto the screws. But even more importantly, you will want to find at least one stud. Studs are 16" a part inside your walls. Your board will be around 25" to 30" depending on the measurements of your door. Therefore, you will hit at least one stud. Not only does using a 1x2" board allow you to find the studs, it distributes the weight.

2. Before mounting your board, hold it up against the back of your door where you have your eye hooks and mark both spots. Then drill your screw in at the top of the board remembering to screw in only 3/4 of the way.
Using a stud finder, try to locate your studs. Mark them with a pencil. Next, mount your board on the wall and place screws in where you located the studs. Make sure your board is centered exactly where you want your door to hang. After drilling your screws into the board and into the studs, add a few more screws. Better safe than sorry.

old door into a mirror

Next all you have to do is carefully lift your door onto the screws. What a wonderful cottage style wall decor! Turning an old door into a mirror really is a fun project! And, you did it yourself!

old door into mirror

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