Ready Made Drapery Panels
The Look of Custom Curtains

Ready made drapery panels are easy to install, affordable, and have the look of custom curtains. You can purchase faux silk curtains, silk drapes, sheer draperies, or even linen curtains.

Why pay interior designers thousands of dollars when you can make this your own DIY decorating project for SO much less?

You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars
By Choosing Ready Made Panels!

You don’t have to be a “handyman” to install your own ready made drapery panels and drapery hardware. You just need a good drill, tape measure, and ladder! As an interior decorator I recommend purchasing ready made panels! While they are not in the category of cheap window treatments, they are more affordable then having a drapery designer! If you are looking for budget decorating ideas, this is it!

If you are wanting to save hundreds of dollars, and not have to make your own curtains, and have your room look like a professional designed it, then ready made drapery panels are the answer! Whether you are wanting contemporary curtains, country curtains, or traditional curtains, these curtains will meet your decorating style!

I want to highlight my decorating SECRET; HALF-PRICED-DRAPES.COM! I wanted to write this page to give a little information about drapery fabrics, measuring, top headers, puddling drapes, hardware, and installation!

First, let’s talk about the different kinds of ready made draperies available, and then I want to share with you a few tips on hardware, top headers, and installation.

Types of Drapery Fabric Panels

Linen Curtains

Starting at $39!

ready made drapery

Sheers Curtains

Starting as low as $19.99!

ready made

Silk Curtains

Starting at $99!

ready made drapery

Faux Silk Curtains

Starting at $59!

faux silk curtains

What Length Should I Get?

There are two standard sizes for panels, 50"x84" and 50"x120". If you want your curtain to just touch the floor, then go with the 84" length, and hang your rod accordingly. If you wish to have your draperies puddle, the 120" is your best option.

I love the puddled look! But, depending on whether you have small children, or over-active pets, puddling may not be the best choice.

What Type of Top Header Should I Choose?
What Is A Top Header?

Most of the curtains from Half-Priced-Drapes will come with an option of a "top header" choice. A top header is a specific design added to the top of your curtain.

ready made drapery

By choosing a different header style, you can totally change how casual or dressy you want your curtains to look!

What Hardware Do I Need?

ready made drapery

There are four pieces of hardware that you will need to hang your curtains. You will need a drapery rod, rings, brackets, and drapery hooks.

The drapery rods come in three standard sizes, 4', 6', and 8'. If your window measures just under one of these sizes, don't worry, you want your pole to extend past your window frame. That way when you open your curtains, they will extend past the window frame, and allow for more light!

You will need two finials, 12# rings per panel, one package of brackets (they come in a pair), and 12# drapery hooks per panel.

How Do I Install My Curtains?

For installation you will need a power drill, tape measure, and ladder! The first thing you will need to do is install your brackets. Your brackets will come with screws and anchors, and instructions will be included.

Be sure to use your anchors for stability. Once you have installed your brackets, screw one of your finials into your pole. Slide your rings onto your pole, and attach your second finial. Position your rod evenly onto the brackets.

Next, place your drapery hooks in each pleat, or tab, and then you will need to attach a drapery on both ends of the panel. Place your drapery hooks into the screw eye of your rings, and that is it!

Are You Ready to Save Hundreds of Dollars With Ready Made Drapery Panels?

Then BUY Now!

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