Reupholster A Chair Seat
In Less Than An Hour!

If you need to reupholster a chair seat, or several chair seats, you have come to the right place! This is one DIY project where you save a ton of money! I love finding furniture at the flea market or garage sales. But, most of the time the furniture I find needs a little TLC.

But, that is okay, because there is something special about putting a little work and creativity into a project and being proud of the finished product. Learning to add your own flair is the best part of decorating your home on a budget!

reupholster chair seat

This is a fun and quick project to do! So, let's get started.

reupholster a chair seat

The chair in these photos is one that I found at the flea market! It really doesn't need much work, but the fabric needed changing to fit my decor. You need a 1/2 yard of fabric to cover one chair seat. Choose fabric that has a medium to heavy weight. This will help with durability and possible stains.

reuphoslter chair seat

Removing the chair seat is very easy. There will be a screw in all four corners that you will need to remove with a screwdriver. Most all chair screws are Phillip screws, so be sure to use the correct screwdriver.

Most of the time when you get ready to add new fabric to your chair, you will find that the seat has probably been covered more than once. Unless the current fabric is not upholstered well, I would not worry about removing it. I find it adds more cushion to the seat.

reupholster chair seat

Lay your fabric right-side down on the floor, and then place your seat on top. Cut an outline around your chair with about 2" extra like shown in photo.

reuphoslter chair seat

Now you are ready to begin stapling. Always place a staple in the middle of each side, pulling your fabric tight. By placing the staples in the middle of each side, that will help create a great starting point, and helps to keep the fabric smooth. After you have staples on all the sides, leave the corners for last.

reupholster chair seat

The corners are your most important part to staple correctly. Don't stress over this. If it doesn't look right the first time, remove the staples and try again. I have to re-do corners many times, but it is worth getting it right.

You want to pull the fabric tight on the corners so that the creases will be on the underside of the corner. This is where fabric tends to bunch a little, so you may need to trim a little of the fabric or it won't staple.

reupholster chair seat

Once finished, your corner should look like the photo above.

reupholster chair seat

This is what your finished stapling project should look like before re-attaching it to the chair.

The best way to begin re-attaching your cushion is to place it on a tall table, up-side down, then place your chair frame on the top. Line up the pad on both sides evenly, then replace your screws.

reupholster chair seat

Well, my chair turned out great! And hopefully, yours will also! Learning how to reupholster a chair seat really isn't that hard of a project! What a difference a little fabric makes!

Be sure to share your photos of your project! I would love to see them! Just go to "Your Ideas" on the homepage!

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