Sheer Window Treatments
Easy Beginner Sewing Projects!

I love sheer window treatments! They are a classic and timeless style. If you are interested in cheap window treatments, making your own sheer panels is a great choice. Let's talk for just a minute about sheer fabric and washing first, and then let's get busy sewing!

Sheers are now coming in a variety of colors and patterns. The traditional sheer curtain has been expanded to include sheers made from cotton, wool, and silk.

Many sheers can be thin and transparent, and other sheers can have a thin plain-weave, which makes them semitransparent. They also can have a floral pattern embroidered on them, which allows the curtain to filter sunlight, but still give privacy.

Sheers are very durable, and most are washable. Although, I recommend washing them in cold and letting them hang to dry. If you are looking for a elegant look for your room, sheer window treatments are an excellent choice.

sheer window treatments

Custom Sheer Curtains Tutorial

Home sewing projects can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If you have never sewn before this is a perfect beginning sewing project!

I chose a drapery fabric that was semi-transparent with a beautiful floral design. I used drapery hooks and hung them from round drapery rings. You can easily hang your panels from rods instead. You just need to make sure that the rod pocket you sew on the top is large enough to run your drapery pole through. Allow for almost an extra inch of room so that your panels will not gather tightly on the rod.

sheer window treatments

Step 1

First, you want to measure your window, and figure out the length you want your panel. For this tutorial, I have a 2” header, and a 4” hem at the bottom of the curtain. So, if these seam allowances are what you want your panels to have then you will want to add 8” to your total finished length.

Step 2

sheer window treatments

When you are making sheer panels, you will be sewing a hem to all four sides. You want to sew the sides of your panels first. Fold over 1/2", and then fold again. Press your hem.

Then sew your hem and press again.

Step 3

sheer window treatments

Now you are ready to sew your top hem. Fold the top of your drapery panel down 1/2". You can either press, or go ahead and sew it. I always sew it so that it makes it easier when I am ready to fold it over for my hem.

Next, fold over 2". Use a ruler to keep it straight, and then add your pins. Sew your hem close to the edge, then press.

Step 4

sheer window treatments

Now you just repeat the same process, except measure 4" for your bottom hem.

Step 5

sheer window treatments

I used six drapery rings to hang my panels. You add a drapery hooks to the back of your panel measuring out evenly.

Be careful when putting your drapery hooks through your fabric, it is really easy for it to poke through and show in the front!

Step 6

sheer window treatments

Now the fun part! Hanging the sheer window treatments! I love bamboo window coverings! So, I installed this first because I want to leave the sheer panels stationary.

If you put two drapery rings on the outside of the drapery brackets it helps the panel hang a little outside the window.

sheer window treatments

Make sure you place your drapery hooks far enough down that they don't show at the top of the curtain like pictured.

Sheer curtains are timeless, whether your style is French Country, Cottage Style, Traditional, or even Contemporary. Learn to make your own custom curtains and impress your friends and family.

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