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Tired of credit card debt? Looking for simply living ideas, but your home still needs major decorating help? I would like to focus on money saving ideas and making smart choices when it comes to decorating our homes.

So, let’s take a moment to talk openly and honestly about home decorating on a budget. Home designs and home decor over the last decade truly went over the top. It has been more about the square footage of a home, rather than what the home embodies. Living a frugal lifestyle is something only really "different" families do.

A home should “rise up to meet you”. It should bring comfort and peace to all who dwell there. But, somehow in the pursuit of domestic perfection, we have lost sight of what “home” really means. Huge house payments, credit card debt, large utility bills, landscaping costs, and extraneous expenses to own a prestigious home that somehow gives us a feeling of credibility and value.

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We have bought into the idea that our homes must contain new furniture, the most expensive kitchen counter tops and appliances, expensive light fixtures, top-of-the-line flooring, etc. Now, I am not opposed to nice things! I am opposed to trading your financial peace and happiness for things you can’t afford or really don’t need. There truly are many cheap decorating ideas that will help you create a beautiful home!

I know hearing this from an interior decorator seems almost bizarre. And yes, in my line of work I see a lot of gorgeous homes. I see many homes that, although they are large and beautifully decorated, they do not say “home” to me. They seem stuffy and unfriendly, and sometimes they just feel sad and lonely. It is time to set yourself free from the idea that you have to have the newest and best. Embrace the art of “home-making”. Guess what? “Home-making” is not a bad word. It is time to redefine what people think “home-making” means.

Start with some easy sewing projects. Learn to make your own custom curtains! It really isn't that hard! You will save so much money, while making your home incredibly beautiful! You will be so proud of yourself! This is one of my favorite simply living ideas!

It is a privilege to be the “Queen of the Castle”. Be proud of it! You know what? You can create a wonderful, and in my opinion, an even more inviting home, with inexpensive decorating ideas!

If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, and do a little searching and scavenging, you can create a fabulous home! Use good advice, steer clear of credit card debt when you are decorating your home.

Shopping at garage yard sales and flea markets, is a ingenious way to decorate your home. I have come across some fabulous flea market finds that my friends drool over! Then I tell them how much I spent. I always love the look on their face!

You will discover that finding things on a budget and using a little creativity and paint to create fabulous furniture makeovers is so rewarding! You don’t worry about someone scratching or denting it. Even if you pick up accessories on clearance or the flea market; if one breaks, it isn’t the end of the world. Life becomes simplified and rewarding.

Look for DIY home decorating ideas! I promise once you start learning all about DIY projects, you will be hooked!

I think it is also important to pass on simply living ideas to our children. Don't we want them to live a life full of financial peace?

Organizing your home and living a clutter-free life, helps bring peace to your home and heart, and that's one of the best simply living ideas. This can sometimes seem like an overwhelming goal. But, you can achieve a more simple lifestyle by following some easy tips to organize your home and family from

They provide quality home organizing ideas for your family lifestyle, health, budget, vacation, and more!

It is easy to fall in love with your home when you put your own vision and inspiration into each room. It symbolizes you and your family, not a magazine page, or furniture store showroom. To me, simple living ideas is about living within your means, enjoying each and every day, knowing it could be your last, and sharing it with the ones you love.

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