Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas are a fabulous way to make your table the highlight of the holiday! One of my favorite Thanksgiving ideas, is to create a stunning table for everyone to enjoy! This is an easy, step-by-step tutorial anyone can do!

TIP: Try to purchase the items for your table centerpiece early in the season. You can usually find them on sale, and have more merchandise to choose from.


Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

table decorating ideas

When you first start your Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas, you want to consider decorations that work well with your table and decor. This old farm table has a beautiful wood top, and using a light colored table runner will really make your Thanksgiving decorations stand out.

Thanksgiving Decorating ideas

Start with a tall object in the middle. This tall glass hurricane is perfect, along with a fall colored candle.

table decorating ideas

Whether decorating a table, or even a fireplace mantel, always start with the largest decorations first. This is what I like to call decorating in "layers".

table decorating ideas

Remember, you don't always have to stick with traditional colors. Mix it up a little! I love this black and white pumpkin!

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Nothing adds a touch of elegance like colorful ribbon! Here, I mixed two different complimentary fall colors. Choose wired ribbon. Not only is it easier to make bows, they can be used year after year.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

I found two wooden blackbirds at the local craft store! I thought they were perfect!

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

After you have your ribbon placed on your candle, and all your pumpkins right where you want them, it is time to add some fall florals or fall picks. I like to purchase floral stems. That way, I can cut smaller pieces. It is always better to have a light touch with your florals, rather than bunching them up in one spot. Spread them around your Thanksgiving centerpiece evenly.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

I always like to add a little sparkle to my table decorating ideas! Adding things that sparkle, really makes everything look gorgeous when you have your lights dimmed, and your candles lit!

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

You have heard the saying, "it is all in the details". Well, little details make a huge difference on this table. I actually found the little pinecones in my yard. You want to add little vines, fall berries, pinecones, and dried leaves, as your final layer.

And now you are done! That wasn't too hard!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Here is a photo of a beautiful fall table by Susan from Between Naps On The Porch. There are so many different table decorating ideas!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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