Valentine Decorations
Looking for homemade Valentine ideas?
Make this gorgeous wreath!

A wreath is one of my favorite Valentine decorations. This wreath is easy to make, and when you purchase your supplies on sale, it makes a great budget Valentine decorating idea!

I am a fan of the "twig wreath".  Don't get me wrong, I love the standard grapevine wreath, but there is something that really draws me to the wispy way of this wreath.

For your supplies you will need a heart-shaped wreath, six red and white single roses (the best flowers for Valentine), red and white smaller flowers, ribbon, small roll of tulle, and hot glue.

You will want to start with the smaller flowers first. These come in bunches and will take the most time to apply to your wreath. Cut them individually, and then attach using hot glue.  Careful: this is where the hot glue can burn you easily!  (When people attend my funeral, they will look at my hands and say "Wow, she has a lot of scars, what a hard worker".  And my daughter will say "No, she was a crafter". )

Add your red flowers next, the same way you did the white ones. Whistle while you work, it goes faster.

I thought I would accent the heart in the middle of the wreath with the red and white roses. Lay the red roses around the middle first, and space them apart evenly before gluing.

You may have to hold the roses in place until the glue dries in order to keep them standing straight up.

Now you are ready to add your tulle in between the roses. Cut a small square about 3" by 3". It does not have to be perfect!

Gather your square tulle up in the middle and add a little hot glue to the bottom.  Place the tulle in between the roses.  If it bunches up too much, simply spread out the tulle before the hot glue sets.

After you are finished adding the tulle in between all of the roses, add some of the smaller flowers.  Cut single buds and hot glue them down in the tulle.

The tulle adds a touch of romance to this wreath.

Now all you need to do is make your bow for your wreath, and you are finished!  I think if you are looking for unique Valentine gift ideas, this would be perfect for your mother, sister, or friend!

Take a look around my website for other decorating ideas, and have a fabulous Valentine's day!!

If you have unique Valentine decorations, please share.

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