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Are you looking for wall mural painting ideas for your home? I want to introduce you to Anita Roll. She is an excellent muralist who has done well over 500 murals. Her work is elegant, interesting, and she adds just the right touch!

Let’s take a look at some of her wonderful designs and hopefully, you can find some inspiration for your home. So, whether you need inspiration for wall murals for kids, master bedroom decorating ideas, or for any other room in your home this page is full of fun and unique ideas.

wall mural painting ideas

This master bedroom is decorated in a bold contemporary style. The painted chandeliers add another layer of interest while continuing with the glamorous style.

wall mural painting ideas

This is the sweetest, most colorful, and happy little girl's room! I love how Anita uses bright colors in the mural, but does not overdo it! When decorating a girls room, keep things fun and colorful. Happy colors make happy children!

wall mural painting ideas

What little boy would not love this painted in his room? The colors in the two planes coordinate with the colors in the bedding and accessories. This is a great example of a room that will transition though many more years. The choice of airplanes will please a little boy at the age of 2 on through to the age of 8 or more!

wall mural painting ideas

I love a game room with flair! This is a room where you can really let your imagination soar! When working with a muralist, make sure you coordinate your design with the rest of the room. In this example, the gray and yellow pillows complement the painted wall mural.

wall mural painting ideas

This is an extremely clever wall mural painting idea! Simple, but yet wonderfully creative. Who doesn't like a sweet dog? I love how the design of the mural coordinates with the colors of the room, the photo of the dalmatian, and the firetrucks. Bravo!

wall mural painting ideas

This is another great example of coordinating all the colors together, using a simple blocked off square outlined in blue, and faux finished in the middle. Some people really have the art of being elegantly understated! For master bedroom decorating ideas, this is at the top!

wall mural painting ideas

What little guy doesn't like legos? Both of my boys have the fondest memories of legos! What a way to incorporate it into the design of this room. This is one of the neatest headboard ideas I have ever seen!

Choosing A Muralist For Your Project

Research is they key! Go on the web and locate a muralist in your area. They should have a website with tons of photos. Once you have narrowed down your search you need to put together a packet of information for the artist. Photos, measurements, size, and location are key factors in details the artist needs to know.

Have a clear idea what your vision is for the room. Have a meeting with the muralist at your home and go over the details. Once you both have come up with a plan, put it in writing. A contract between you and the artist is very important! You don’t want to get hit with extra costs at the end of the project.

Understand that there are many factors in determining the cost. The size, complexity of the project, location, and the reputation of the artist are all key factors.

Once your project is underway, allow the artist to work in peace. There are many layers to murals, and what you may see at the beginning of the project will not be how it looks at the end.

For even more fabulous wall mural painting ideas, please visit Anita Roll.

wall mural painting ideas

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