So, you have decided to switch up your living room style. The first step to making this project successful is knowing what you want. You can start by finding inspiration online. Start with looking up what different elements you can add to your living room to get a fresh look. The aim is not to add as many elements as possible but to keep it aesthetic and chic. Think about the color schemes you want your living room to have. The interplay of contrasting colors is essential to create a relaxing, at-home feeling. If it is difficult for you to visualize, you can start by creating a vision board or mood board. Cut out your favorite living room pictures from magazines or newspapers to form a vision board. Alternatively, you can also use Pinterest to create a digital mood board. Creating a mood board can significantly help you get clear on what you want. Here are some more ideas to add to your mood board:



Are you planning on switching up the furniture? Or do you want to keep all your furniture but add one or more into the mix? Whatever you want to do with furniture, it is important to note that your furniture should match the overall color scheme to create coherent space. You can either match your walls with the furniture or match your curtains or rugs with the furniture. Once you have decided on these elements, it is significant that you put some thought into the placement of your furniture. Correct furniture placement in your living space is critical and can make or break a color scheme. While placing furniture, you should also keep in mind the space’s functionality -creating a space for intimate conversations is imperative.


Switching up the colors of your living room will instantly improve its appearance and give it a refreshed look. One idea is to paint the walls head to toe in a single color- you could try painting any one wall or just the ceiling of your living room this way. However, it is important to note that colors should be selected only after a trial of swatching to see how they would interplay with the natural lighting in your room. Another idea is to paint the living room with different shades of the same color- you could paint the walls with a darker shade and paint the ceiling with a lighter shade to give your living room a modern look. If you are someone who likes neutral shades, keep your living room predominantly neutral, but throw in some fancy colors here and there to accentuate its beauty. You can try painting one wall with neutral glitter paint or choose a colorful wallpaper for it. Don’t be afraid to paint all your woodwork in a different color that matches the overall scheme of the room.


We all can agree that handing a statement lighting fixture can make the living room feel luxurious and unique. However, keep in mind the size of your living room before adding more elements to it. Big chandeliers are better suited for bigger living rooms. Smaller living rooms with bigger furniture and lighting will make the room feel even smaller, which could prevent you from relaxing in comfort. You can try adding multiple overhead lights, add colored lights behind a mirror, or add floating furniture with lights underneath them. You can also try adding statement lamps with fairy lights here and there in your living room.


Artsy Elements:

Depending on your personal style, you can add elements such as pillows, mirrors, and paintings to spice up your living space. If your living room has a neutral palette, try adding bright-colored pillows to your seating area. You can also add a couple of small seating in contrasting colors or add a rug to match the furniture. Mirrors are another great way to brighten up your living space. You can also make your living space more personal by adding your favorite pictures, or even better-you can dedicate an entire wall for pictures.

Smart Ways to Update Living Room Decor

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